Horror and Huge Expenses 867

Horror and Huge Expenses

17,92 €
  • ISBN : 9789533513256
  • Autor : Robert Perišić
  • Prijevod: Will Firth
  • Uvez: Meki
  • Žanr: Domaća književnost

Short stories by one of Croatia's most important contemporary voice

A career-spanning collection of stories that demonstrate why Perišic's wryly incisive prose, able to hit so many registers, resonates with readers everywhere. From the frontlines of tragic ethnic conflicts to capturing the hilariously absurd realities of globalism, Perišic unapologetically renders failure and loss, so often finding aching beauty in both, by pulling readers into the stray thoughts and moments upon which all of our lives are built, whether we realize it or not.

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