Šibenik 5286


13,26 €
  • ISBN : 9789533045498
  • Autor : Alisa Krnić
  • Uvez: Meki
  • Žanr: Vodiči, priručnici - razni

Discover the city and its surroundings

A town rich in culture and a sacred destination for many travellers, is situated on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea. Its buildings are known through the world, as it ist the stone jewel of the Adriatic, the Cathedral of St James, masterpiece by the artist George Dalmatian. People from all over the world pass through Šibenik, especially after the town reveals its wonders to them, such as its beautiful architecture and interesting history.

This guidebook has been written for those who want to get to know this town. There are many trave guides about  Šibenik, however, this is the only one in which you will find photos of the interior of many of Šibenik’s historical buildings. This book follows the route of a tourist guide, enabling you to individually explore Šibenik, as the images and text will take you through the town, at the same time providing a historical backdrop to every scene. The book will have served its purpose if more people get to know this beautiful town.

Photo: Ante Baranić, illustrations: Rade Jakas, Vlado Šerić, map of Šibenik's old town Alfred Trojan

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