Island of Aromas - Island of Vitality 528

Island of Aromas - Island of Vitality

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  • ISBN : 978953297148
  • Autor : Sandra Nicolich, Nikolina Ribarić
  • Uvez: Meki

Lošinj, the island of aromas

If we wished to describe Lošinj with a single sintagma, most often it would be by calling it the island of aromas. The garden has been the consecrated place of simulating Heaven's paradise in a mundane environment since man's beginnings; since the Old-Testament Times, the place where we, the mortals, have been trying to conjure up the atmosphere of Heaven's eternal dwelling place where, according to Holy Bible, souls of the innocent go. The Creator did not present Adam and Eve with a luxurious palace, or an expensive floating vessel, or the fastest vehicle but with a garden. Our senses are softened by plant form and colour harmony in a garden, the same as in an intact natural landscape. And if the plants are fragrant as well, are we not in the entrance court to Paradise?