Our Man in Iraq 6689

Our Man in Iraq

13,14 €
99,00 kn
  • ISBN : 9789533044446
  • Autor : Robert Perišić
  • Prijevod: Will Firth
  • Uvez: Meki
  • Žanr: Roman

Incredibly funny, ambitious and intelligent – this is a novel that changed the overall scene of contemporary Croatian literature

Toni, the economics correspondent of a leading Croatian newspaper, initially thought it would be a brilliant idea to send his Arabic-speaking cousin Boris to Iraq to report on the war. However, when all news from Boris suddenly stops, Toni’s career – and his increasingly complicated personal life – is left hanging in the balance as he is forced to fake his cousin’s reports…

Ostale naslove autora nađite na: Perišić

A social novel which, with superior lightness and a lot of humour, takes hold on contemporary themes and at the same follows a subtle love story which cannot escape the rules of the world that surrounds it.

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